how to apply peel and stick wallpaper
Helpful Hints for Peel and Stick Installation:
  • Order a sample in advance to make sure it is what you want. Some intricate designs are more challenging than others and take more time to match panel to panel but you'll get the hang of it. Our product is very pliable and can be re-worked until you get it just right.
  • Each order is custom made and there can be color variations from order to order so make sure you have enough for your wall project up front. 
  • Make sure the wall is clean and smooth (and not bumpy) or it may not go on well or meet your expectations. You can use a damp cloth to wipe down the wall prior to application. 
  • Start in the left corner and fit the paper to the left side and top seam (where it meets the ceiling), pull the backing down 8 or so inches at a time and smooth firmly, moving right and down, massaging out any bubbles. Match the next new panel to the top seam and left side of that panel, pulling down approximately 8 inches or so at a time and smoothing down and outwards, and so on. (You want to carefully match the left side of the new panel to the panel to its left slowly and accurately so the designs match and fit, and then smooth right and down. It's okay if you have to re-maneuver it to get it just right. The bubbles will easily massage out. If you get a crease or more challenging bubble, carefully lift up on the paper again where it is and then smooth it back down again.)
  • Use an X-acto knife and straight edge ruler to trim the excess off the bottom.
  • Note: If you are not starting at a corner, make sure to use a Level and make sure the first piece is perfectly straight since it sets the tone for the rest of your job.
  • Once you get in the groove, it'll go faster and feel so rewarding.
We hope it brings you joy! (And please send us a photo to